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Basic Gear and Gift Ideas for your Scout

Gift Ideas for your Scout
By Shannon Herren -

1. Uniform—The Boy Scout uniform is among the most recognizable uniforms worn by young men. It symbolizes to many the values that are instilled in Boy Scouts. It is also an expensive part of the scouting experience. Most Scouts like to have a spare shirt or a couple of pairs of scout short, pants and socks to take with them on their outings. 

2. Sleeping bag—Camping is an integral part of the Boy Scout experience. One thing to consider when selecting a sleeping bag for a Boy Scout is the weight of the sleeping bag. Since the Boy Scouts hike often, a light-to-carry sleeping bag is a must. The other major consideration is the climate in which it will be used. Many camping outings are close to where the Boy Scouts live so make sure it is warm enough, or light enough, for the usual weather in the scout’s area. 

3. Tent—Again, because camping and hiking are such a big part of the Boy Scout’s life, the scout will need a small, lightweight tent that can be packed in to a camp site. It will need to be sturdy enough to last many years in all sorts of weather conditions. A waterproofing spray would be a thoughtful addition to this gift. 

4. Mess kit—A small, stainless steel mess kit is a compact way for a Boy Scout to have the needed dishware and utensils that can easily be cleaned and reused on camping and hiking trips. 

5. Pocket knife—there are guidelines for the size and type of pocket knife a Boy Scout is allowed to carry. This is a useful tool for a scout, but be sure to check with the scout leader and/or the parents of the Boy Scout to see what would be the appropriate pocket knife for your gift. 

6. Water Reservoir Backpack—A common accessory for hikers, this is an excellent gift idea for Boy Scouts as well. Keeping hydrated is extremely important on Boy Scout outings. The water reservoir backpack is a convenient way to carry extra water without seeming so heavy. Get the largest capacity that will work for the scout. 

7. Small binoculars or camera—Boy Scouts have the opportunity to visit many exciting and beautiful places. Many of the scouting experience takes place in the great outdoors. Small, lightweight, durable binoculars encourage the Boy Scout to pay closer attention to his beautiful surroundings. A small, lightweight, durable camera is a great way for the Boy Scout to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to include extra batteries and film. Other possible accessories you may wish to include are photo albums, nature journal, or a cushioned case for the camera or binoculars. 

8. Small flashlight—A Boy Scout is careful to include at least one flashlight in his list of equipment to pack for a campout or hike. The flashlight needs to be lightweight and should also include some kind of hook or strap so that it can be attached to a back pack or belt. Be sure to consider the weight of the flashlight with the batteries in it. You might also consider one of the newer, LED-style flashlights. Some of these are activated by shaking the flashlight and don’t require batteries. 

9. Compass—Boy Scouts are taught how to use a compass. They have opportunity to practice these skills on their many campouts and hiking trips. Consider purchasing a lightweight yet durable style. Some types come with a cover or smooth metal back that could be engraved. 

10. First aid kit—a first aid kit is an extremely important item for a Boy Scout to carry with him on his outings. A simple, yet comprehensive first aid kit that can easily be packed in his backpack for whatever emergency may arise. Most scout troops carry a Troop First Aid Kit, but having a personal first aid kit can not only supplement the Troop kit but also allow the scout to handle minor emergencies on his own. 

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